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Environmental Responsibility

The environmental awareness of Indústria Têxtill Nossa Senhora do Belém is looking towards raising the sustainable development. The company is oriented to control its productive chain in such way to conciliate the enhancement of its processes to the protection of the ecosystem.

It has been a long time since avoiding waste and giving the right destination to power, water, effluents and residues are not just an economic issue more important than the financial reflex, the conscious use if these resources has become a must among the modern companies.

As a measure to avoid the impacts to the environment, Têxtill Belém is focused in the following items:

  • Power;
  • Water
  • Effluents;
  • Residues.


Although it is used in a low daily volume, in Têxtill Belém, it is used in a rational, controlled way. We always search for alternatives to reduce the extraction and the consumption of water.

To optimize the use of water, specific accessories to reduce waste were installed in our restrooms, such as: faucets with automatic closing system and toilet tanks. Also, the reuse of water through the system called softener was implemented in the furnace sector.


The awareness of the environment issues created a necessity that is very well met and executed by Têxtill Belém and its partners recycling companies and suppliers.

In the recycling activities, the items are reused and separated into these categories: paper, cardboard, plastic, waste of cotton, metallic material, among others. On the other hand, along with the reuse of cones and tubes, some yarn suppliers use returnable packages (metal cages and pallets).

Simple actions contribute with the environment and help building a better world for everyone!


Têxtill Belém invests in initiatives to reduce the consumption of power in its processes through simple projects, actions and plans that optimize the use of power.

Among these initiatives to reduce the consumption of power, the following must be highlighted: strict control and maintenance of the power consumption, oriented to the rational use during and outside the pick hours; installation of capacitor banks in the primary switchgear; installation of LED light bulbs and reactors with great performance and lower consumption of power; replacement of old motors by others with better performance and less consumption; installation of AC drives; maintenance of the compressed air jet line to avoid leaks; installation of thermal insulators in the steam lines to avoid heat dissipation.


The company currently generates two kinds of effluents: domestic (DE) and non domestic (NDE). To handle DE, the company discharges it in the city sewage collecting system. To handle NDE, the company holds a partnership with authorized companies that comply the environmental legislations. Têxtill Belém is authorized by the competent organs to keep adequate storage facilities that later allow NDE treatment by third parties. One of the main concerns of the company is the correct destination of effluents.