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Fabrics for abrasive sides, industrial filters, rubber bases and resins


Têxtil Belém handles approximately 300 types of fabric


Têxtil Belém started its activities in Itatiba city, São Paulo state, in 1966, with a family structure and 100% national capital. The company has always focused in manufacturing flat technical fabrics and circular meshes that are made from natural, artificial and/or synthetic raw material.


At the beginning, the fabrics production started in an industrial building of 500 m², with the purchase of a small batch of Howa weaving machines. In the eighties, these weaving machines were replaced by Ribeiro shuttle machines, which helped the company to grow and consolidate in the market.


As time went by, the industrial park was modernized and, in 1998, the company started a new dynamic with the arrival of projectile weaving machines.


In 2004, the introduction of new weaving machines with compressed air technology took place. We also provide sizing services to third parties. We have cylinder knitting machines to produce industrial meshes using cotton, polyester and aramid.


Têxtil Belém has 14,000 m² of constructed area, highly modern machinery, acclimatized weaving area, operates in more than fifteen segments and has a production capacity of 500,000 meters of technical fabrics a month.


The year of innovation, modernity and specialization. The year of 2017 left a mark in the History of the Industry! The creation of a new visual identity that reinforces this new moment. New specializations, such as the inclusion of industrial fabrics in the products portfolio, Têxtil Belém’s repositioning in the market and the straightening of partnerships with several known worldwide companies. The year to bring up to light the company’s high technology and excellent quality standards.

ISO 9001:2008

Têxtil Belém is certified
by ISO 9001:2008

Indústria Têxtil Nossa Senhora do Belém S/A aims the constant evolution of Quality Management System (QMS) through waste reduction, definition of controls and goals, valuation and improvement of its processes, products and services, always in sync with its clients’ contentment and needs.

Since December 17th of 2002 Têxtil Belém is certified by ISO 9001:2008 which aims the organization processes, its clients and the continuous improvement of Quality Management System performance.

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Têxtil Belém é certificada na ISO 9001:2008

Social responsibility

Collaborate with society is part of Têxtil Belém’s social policy.

Personal and professional progress and development of the employees at Indústria Têxtil Nossa Senhora do Belém are foreseen and integrated to the company’s strategic policy, always aware that they are the main resource for present and future projects.

In that sense, the goal is aligning business to social management, both intern and extern range, to ensure better work conditions, preserve health and safety of the employees.

In-house, Têxtil Belém keeps pleasant and familiar environment, fostering relationships based on dialog, respect, creativity, personal development and team spirit.

In the external framework, contributes to the society joining programs or social protection networks, such as: Desafio Jovem, Lar Itatibense da Criança, Creche Nosso Lar, APAE, Asilo, and others.

Collaborate with society is part of Têxtil Belém’s social policy

However, every politically correct speech needs to be complemented by the transparency of concrete actions that vouches its principles. The company keeps a well-built Human Resources department in order to fully and rigorously accomplish labor legislation, as well as the rules established by the Declaration of Human Rights.

All in all, the company is committed to implanting and keeping a work policy that continuously fosters equal treatment and opportunities for its personal, with no discrimination, either by political position, race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Environmental Responsibility

We are also concerned about the environment

The environmental concern at Indústria Têxtil Nossa Senhora do Belém is focused in promoting sustainable development. The company is oriented to control its productive chain in order to conciliate the improvement of its processes to the ecosystem protection.

It has been a long time since avoiding waste and giving proper destination to power, water, effluents and residues is no longer only a matter of economics. More important than the financial reflex, the conscious use of these resources has become a duty among modern companies.

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction

Quality manufacture, focusing on the requirements of the management system

Pursuit of continuous improvement in the work processes and in the management system

In order to minimize the impacts on the environment,
Têxtil Belém is focused in the following topics:

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