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What we can do for you

Starching of yarns, knitwear workshop and development of new products

Yarn sizing

We offer sizing services for spun yarn for titles between 6/1 and 60/1 Ne (1000 to 100 Dtex) in natural fibers. We have wide experience and demands of quality because we handle articles with the highest densities of yarns. We have a Benninger sizing machine capable of sizing rolls with up to 3,40 meters of usable width between flanges. Besides, it has two size boxes, electronic and automatized temperature, velocity, pressure and humidity controls, cage for warping rolls supply with 28 positions and the possibility of roll to roll sizing.

Finishing for flat fabrics

We provide the following finishing: sizing, resin application, flame retardant products application, flannelling.

Development of New Articles

We have a textile engineering department and a textile experiment laboratory to develop technical fabrics. We perform resistance tests for traction and stretching, ripping, fundamental bandage, grammage, thickness, yarn count, hydrostatic pressure (water column), hydrophilicity and dimensional changes of the fabrics, always keeping conformity with NBR and ASTM standards. We develop fabrics according to the necessity of each client.

Knitwear Workshop

We handle the workshop of circular knitting such as split stitch, stockinette, grafatex and sudette with natural, artificial and synthetic fibers. We have the machinery to produce stockinette, 2 to 6 yarns grafatex and sudettes.